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Crystal Eastman by Amy Aronson

Crystal Eastman
A Revolutionary Life

by Amy Aronson

The social justice issues to which Eastman dedicated her life – gender equality and human rights, nationalism and globalization, political censorship and media control, worker benefits and family balance, and the monumental questions of war, sovereignty, force, and freedom – remain some of the most consequential questions of our own time. Available from Oxford University Press.

About the Crystal Eastman Digital Recovery Project

One hundred years ago, Crystal Eastman (1881-1928) was one of the most conspicuous political women in United States. Yet today she is little known, obscure to public memory despite a political and institutional legacy in many of the social justice movements that defined the twentieth century — labor, feminism, internationalism, free speech, peace.

This project aspires to bring Eastman’s ideas into contact with the relevant debates of a new generation. She has much to offer. She always had much to say. And the issues she cared about – gender equality and human rights; nationalism and globalization; political censorship and media control; worker benefits and family balance; and the monumental dilemmas of war, force, sovereignty, and freedom – remain some of the most vital and pressing of our own time.

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